There are those that suggest  half the population is unconscious of what leadership we have on local, state, and national levels. In fact there are even those who suggest we are unconscious of leaders in our own individual lives, poking holes into the celebrity idol culture on athletes, musicians, or actors (Hedges, Rohr, Postman). Cody Keenan a Chief writer for the 44th President, said in a Smithsonian documentary that aired recently that if the youth were taught one speech to read or hear by Barack Obama, it ought to be his 50th anniversary address in Selma:

Who’s we? 

It was there, in that speech, where the former President was acting the role of the nationalist identity (and perhaps bigger) as a whole by using the words, “We.” The narrative to shift from the dualism of white or black America, as he is remembered from his break out lines in the 2004 Democratic National Convention, “No red or blue America, but the United States, red, white, AND blue.” Both, AND, Yes, AND, “We.”

No wonder it would be a focus of his to pivot from the nationalist perspective and do what critics and rivals dubbed the “apology” tour to the rest of the world on behalf of “us” whatever that us, exactly is, and who it entails, is the subject in current events. Are the Republicans us? Are the Democrats us? Independents? Migrant children us? Are the zombies who do not know who the secretary of the interior is us? Is all of us, all of us? Or is the collective we to entail the entire world, hence, Obama’s apology to Hiroshima?

The 44th president was not exempt from climbing into the binary during campaigns to carry the blue flag for election, but Ben Rhodes in his 2018 memoir “The World as it is” reveals a more intimate and deeper default point of view that makes sense in the overall picture of Obama’s actual worldview. He said to Rhodes in ‘The Beast’ (presidential limousine) “I guess people want to revert to tribes.” That statement suggest that we as a collective consciousness had evolved beyond tribes? Maybe we had been carried a few less miles than Obama had originally believed, or, as a spiritual mentor of mine always says, “we always take one step forward and two steps back.” (Rohr 2009). Certainly in terms of spiral dynamics, that must be true in a way that only Ken Wilber could most accurately write.

Look at how the binary was used by Senator Rubio:

He said “We” but then ended with “They’re.” In his own video on critiquing identity politics, he returned to his tribe, which the binary must do. Being in a political party is a trap to the binary, there is no way not to be “identified” in politics, without becoming a “them” to individuals within the “us, we.” Look at how fast the House passed a resolution to condemn Trump’s tweet, imagine actual bipartisan legislation getting that fast of a track.


The question becomes, “Which is first, the individual or the collective?” President Obama said the collective, President Trump said the individual. Now these different structural orders battle out not only in the abstract but in policies of state. “America is not the only country in the world” versus “America first.” A go to line by author Andy Crouch comes to mind: this idea that by critiquing something we have changed it or altered it, when in fact, we must make those changes in actual culture, not mere critique! Donald Trump’s Twitter stream in the build up to campaigning was a non stop flow of critiques, whether he actually believed those ideas or not, once he critiqued it, he felt he was changing it. Then he accumulated power, and some of those changes, by policy, by persuasion and corporate influence, is now changing the culture. Academics are tempted by Godwin’s law, and other extremes, but it is not wrong that the reflection from the top can sew, in unconscious and unintentional ways, havoc on a society within different levels of collective consciousness, different political tribes, different definitions, experiences, and languages of identity, and different cultures amidst their individual lifestyles.

Come Back! untitled

Karen Tumulty wrote a column in the Washington Post on July 15th titled, “We need someone who can lift us up again. Enter Barack Obama.” The only problem in a Democratic Primary after ones “prime” time, is he cannot fill the void or vacuum when his peers are fighting to do so. The second he does it becomes about his policies and baggage all over again, as we can forever know with the Clinton campaign.

Obama was a leader that we were not ready for, and in many ways, words and actions fell against an abyss that did not hear or see them, not because the leadership was not displayed and communicated, but that numbers of the population were deaf and blind to it. Enter Trump and the electorate that voted as, “We didn’t see or hear that” and the other percentage is left totally confused. Which leads us to that pivotal moment  of the 44th President in “the beast” saying to Ben Rhodes, “What if we were wrong? What if I was ten years too early?” That is both the individual and the collective speaking. Obama was right. He was ten years too early minimum.  There is no doubt he even, as he writes his memoir, will say he did not go far left enough or do more to unite divisions that only grew worse. Yet without him says the WAPO columnist, it is even worse, and, I’m afraid she might be right. We could use Obama after this weeks horror by all sides and pundits, except that one problem of the Democratic Primary underway. These final death blows thought to have taken down old patterns have not yet begun finality. The question for the Selma speech in the test of time is not if it was true, but when it becomes truer, for years still to come. The question is: how long? Not how long to write about it, and critique it on Twitter, how long to change the culture by action, by power, by politics?

A field guide to a field guide! tenor

These truths are also true in theological circles regarding the Church and it’s future. Matthew J. Milliner is a teacher at Wheaton College who recently wrote a critique dubbed guide on Richard Rohr. In his discussion, while biographical details are semi accurate, his analysis and conclusions and exegesis on Rohr’s alternative orthodoxy misses the entire point. If, only in the abstract, to theologize everything, we had time to stay in the abstract and go hunt and speculate where this and that idea originated, and in persuasion to deconstruct it only to suggest going to those original authors as a best guess, is a very weak reconstruction, and, beyond what one would ever recognize as the person’s actual expertise.

To change culture, we must go beyond critique, into the actual. Would it not be great if it were only called the Center for Contemplation? Yes, maybe then we could go read all the classics again with headlights and ego “Gotchya.” Fortunately, the foresight and expertise of Rohr led him to name the Center for Action AND Contemplation. Action changes theology entirely into the political, which was of course, the genius of Christ in Jesus. The resurrection is here, now, with Him we have been raised, the resurrection has already begun. There is no text from dead saints to undo it. Therefore we must act for our neighbors sake accordingly, knowing the time and who’s we are. Contemplation alone is what got “experts” of the day into so much trouble with that outsider that insisted to “remove the clay from our eyes.” We have had a crisis of leadership since the days of Jesus, the 2020 campaign will be no different.


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Chasing the Pulitzer, or just another drip from the swamp.


Remember the phrase, “Drain the swamp?” Recent reporting has brought concerning light on just what else have actual investigative journalists gotten accurately close to unraveling to be exposed as totally true, despite hush teams in the swamp?

Albeit delayed, the slow wheels of journalism took a deep dive in a bipartisan concert of curiosity to rattle out the truth on the Epstein case, which had official criminal filings since 1994, and 1997 (Patterson 2016).

In late January of 2016, Vox writer Ken Silverstein was one of a few reporters to shed light on MSNBC Joe Scarborough’s hint to reporters that Epstein had been a ‘headline gossip” for years among the affluent. The hunt of the story is the super charge of what if any connections President’s Bill Clinton and Donald Trump had with the individual. Both have evolving narratives on when they interacted with the individual, and both had in recent weeks when pressed for comment on the resurgence of the case, “distanced themselves” from the individual.

In the fall of 2016, Crime author James Patterson and friends had quietly been the first to jump on a book title on the entire saga. Avalanched in with other news reports, and so much spin, gossip, and political war rooms dirt run amuck that it may have been lost in the fog of the headlights. Stories on Bill Clinton and Trump with women got so frequently reported that people get “numb” or feel the story of the day could be another cry wolf for money, political slander, or just part of being in the DC game.

Mike Cernovich shed light (in taking credit for funding civil action) on the recent recycling of the saga. New interest in reports came after the new arrest on charges from the state of New York, which he says was sparked by the confirmation hearing of Alexander Acosta as Labor Secretary 60-38 (Senate public record 2017).

The Miami Herald’s investigative reporter Julie K. Brown got victims to go on the record in a November of 2018 series regarding injustice on the case (Calderone 2019). It is unknown if Julie read James Patterson’s book. Investigators felt she should win a Pulitzer prize.

Politicians that voted in favor said they “did not know” about the controversy despite the questions in the 2017 confirmation hearing (Touchberry 2019). Republicans were standing by him during the flood of reports (Evertte & Levine 2019).

Victims on January 15 2019, faced the man they accuse of sexually assaulting them as minors – in attempts to persuade the Judge to withhold bail for a man who is from twitter reporters in the courtroom “scary to be out on the streets.” The judge delayed a decision in the hearing.

Questions that remain now: How much of random other reports from associates of the accused will end up as political fallout? What other stories are investigative journalists on, that is totally true but has not yet reached the headlines?

There is a plain element to someone who see’s themselves as “too big to fail.” The very definition of a demon by Richard Rohr, who also hints that evil is often subtle in appearing to be light, and harmless, when the opposite is true, and, the telling of lies for the purposes of power and control (Rohr 2018).


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“The unchanged realities that will remain regardless of who is President Elect.” (2020 Edition)


Whoever sits in the White House the next four years, certain realities will remain unchanged:

Here’s the short list:
Israel, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen, North Korea, Russia, China.

Shale fracking
Counter Terrorism Drones ‘Kill List’
Cyber Espionage
3D Printing – 2025-2030.
“Illegal” immigration controversies from 40 years of no reform.
Devaluation of the U.S. dollar continues –domestic and social order crisis (2030). Veterans and first responder PTSD Crises/ General pop Mental Health

Supreme Court decisions and nominations
Income inequality gap/poverty -unregulated fat cat capitalism
AR-15 & assault weapons ban, other gun laws or related executive orders.
Deforestation , Ocean plastic crisis on ecosystems,
Climate Change, extinction of species
Unforeseen natural disasters

Congressional partisan gridlock,  food fights over funding, nominations.

What has changed from this list since it’s 2016 version:

criminal justice reform Reform was passed (public record).

ISIS Shia militias from Iran accelerated destruction of the rebellion (Hedges et al, 2019).

NAFTA – Was renamed and renegotiated (public record).

+Abortion laws have changed and reignited the controversy to new levels (public record).

+Racial controversies on reparation discussions, and focuses on the past (public record).

+New Science from Paris France on the accelerated extinction of species, continuation of ecosystem Amazon and Ocean crisis (IPBES 2019).

+Devaluation efforts of The U.S. dollar as the reserve currency of the world. Actions in the last four years have accelerated deliberate intentions from China, Russia, and the EU, to bypass the U.S. dollar (Hedges 2019).


Hedges, Chris, “Goodbye to the dollar” Article, Truthdig, 2019, https://tinyurl.com/y6xlxkax “Trump’s Withdrawal From the Iran Nuclear Deal Invites Disaster” Video, Truthdig & RT, 2019, https://tinyurl.com/yxvvngc8 The Sanctuary of Independent Media, December 2018, YouTube Video, “Facism in the age of Trump” https://tinyurl.com/y2pmgcxc

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Lionsgate Films 2012-2015

Welcome to district no man’s land, where you become a barcode for processing. A land with leaders who are still fighting over the definition of who you are and what to do with you. Please continue to hold.

Fareed Zakaria of CNN is no republican, yet he agrees with changing current asylum policies that people should not be able to use that process (which really is a new bypass of immigration) to work here. The classic argument that an Uber passenger from the UK shared with me in having similar immigration discussions in their country is the rebuttal that if people are doing jobs nobody else will do, and more jobs help the “economy” exactly why not allow people to stay?

Lionsgate Films 2012-2015

The peanut gallery will mention that ancestors of immigrants through Ellis Island or the port of Astoria/Portland, was of “legal means.” People were submitted to health inspections of lice and other preexisting conditions before being accepted or turned away (Cannato 2009). That old system outdated and not a realistic vehicle for the 21st Century, has lead to a crisis of leadership the last forty years with inaction from executive and legislatures in Washington. The result has led to a current temporary “holding” policy of migrants in detained structures.

Social media is now in a photograph food fight over child migration “Detention Centers.”

Left and right wing accounts were quick to pounce.

In the current exchange some photos from the Obama administration have been used to accuse the Trump administration, prompting Snopes, a fact checker website, to have to accurately describe what photos came from lawsuits by the ACLU in 2015.

Dr. Scott Allen was hired in 2014 to inspect holding facilities in Texas, and says the conditions were as bad then as they are now. Yet Axios reported a DHS data sheet of deportations between the two administrations, showing a significantly lower number in recent years.

Lionsgate films 2012-2015

Jake Tapper asked a good question to Cortez, who would not have mentioned otherwise, that when she worked in a restaurant she “absolutely was against Obamas immigration policies” which included encampments first reported in 2014. As she was not publicly tweeting for political positioning, we will have to take her word for it.

Were Republicans against detention centers before they were for them? Were Democrats silent, unconscious, or okay with detention centers before they were against them?  Either way if the momentum and excitement that exists on Twitter and hyper pundits on dwindling T.V. audiences for the presidential race, former Daily Show breakout star Samantha Bee points out a good suggestion in a recent tweet: What about our total lack of focus on Congress?

Is Trump’s dream wall based on a movie?  

Lionsgate films 2012-2015

We are them, they are us. Consistency on human rights and the melting pot idea of America should exist as a redeeming quality and evolution of collective consciousness to the common critique of white supremacy and patriarchy. If immigration detention policy “affirms white supremacy” and was the same now as it was in 2014, is that same logic not unconsciously and mistakenly suggesting President Barack Obama is a white supremist? Condi Rice says we will not be color blind, and that the United States did have a birth defect in allowing slavery, yet leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. transcended differences to suggest a greater unity. By all accounts to many memorials to his leadership, he never played the victim to peal off and validate what was already his: dignity and inalienable rights endowed by our creator. A fight for those rights was no easy endeavor, and his definition of justice to roll down like a mighty stream has yet to fully come true, but suggestions that it is 1960 now may also be an extreme!

Is voting out all men the answer? 

Female 2020 Candidates, Twitter, June 2019.

By the same crowd on selective migrant outrage to race bait division, the narrative of selective solutions asks other questions too. For example if the United States according to Pew Research has women overtaking men as the bread winner of households (Taylor 2015) is patriarchy used to only refer to the top 1% or higher paying salaries? Will matriarchy take over as a solution to global problems, or are we rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic?

Politics must evolve beyond identity politics and victimhood, to address our diversity, yet, to still be connected as ONE WHOLE.  If electing women to positions of power is within that contextual lens, diversity is a strength. Yet the current crisis of leadership should not scapegoat all men either. Many are unconscious of a mere agenda switch as the illusion of a complete solution in the name of progress and at a lower level of consciousness feel that repackaging tribes and dressing up our ego in the mere pendulum swing of power will truly be achievable justice. Without integrating the whole, separateness only creates more division in an a newly extended branch of hierarchy. So the last question is, can our diversity lead to healing and unity? International spiritual leader Richard Rohr who was recently on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday put it this way in a 2018 journal entry by The Center for Action and Contemplation:

“Unitive consciousness—the awareness that we are all one in Love—lays a solid foundation for social critique and acts of justice. What’s important is distinction and diversity in loving relationship. The three must be maintained as three and understood as different from one another. Yet the infinite trust and flow between them is so constant, so reliable, so true, and so faithful that they are also completely one. They must be diverse, and they must be one—at the same time. The glue that preserves both truths at the same time is Infinite Love.”

What exactly social critique and acts of justice translates into is an open question. Unity, no matter our diversity, must lead to being “woke” of our wholeness despite our centuries of brokenness. Forgiveness is the only healing power to in the words of JFK, “Steer our ship with hope.” 


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Images: The Hunger Games, Lionsgate Films, 2012-2015.



ALL EYES ON JOE… digging up a shot from 1978?

The horse race gloves are off. Nobody knows who will end up the nominee. Yet Former VP Biden in the first debate last week, “I want to unite this country….” When is the last time you heard that? It was the first time mentioned in at least eight years. The words may be hollow, and many may be cynical, but the absence of a matching reality is not reason to lose hope!

Other candidates sought division, separation, even further claims of surgical victimhood within the party.

Though registered independent in a blue state, I can still fully confirm Jared Patton’s letter to democrats: is entirely correct spot on analysis and a breath of fresh air for those concerned not about pandering or identity politics but the *whole picture* in a post-truth age…(see Ken Wilber’s 2018 book)


To turn the page on the divisive “National Nightmare” the collective must awaken to realizing MLK never played the victim, but held truth to power, a distinction not being currently discerned and an incalculable gift to the right wing. Playing the victim will not lead to political victory in a capitalist society. It will hand over the keys in a battle state electoral college mathematical victory.


The quick blitz to shelve VP Biden is a line from the 2009 Dark Knight screen play by Christopher Nolan and David Goyer, “They need you right now, but when they don’t, they’ll cast you out, like a leper! You see, their morals, their code, it’s a bad joke. Dropped at the first sign of trouble. They’re only as good as the world allows them to be. I’ll show you. When the chips are down, these… these civilized people, they’ll eat each other.”

Why is VP Biden the only one with a message on unity, being fed to the dogs? Either the far left fringes of the party are in total denial on guaranteeing Trump/Pence a second term, or have entered their own in what Chris Hedges would call, “Empire of Illusion.” Battle of the ego’s may end up doing more harm than good. I’ll still hope on the message of unity to a real life episode campaign of “House of Cards” or a repeat of the Obama/Clinton primary in 2009. I do not think the “nationalist” psyche can afford to gamble so dangerously on having a legitimate shot to add the list of single term post World War Two presidents to the new number of three.



*This review includes spoilers of Avengers: Endgame.

braveheart.jpgBraveheart, Mel Gisbon, 1995.

On May 8th of last year I wrote how the entertainment industry has an obsession with WWII parallels, most notable in the mass destruction from technology and the existence of ill will in the world. We saw this phenomenon in Tolkien’s LOTR becoming a Peter Jackson film trilogy that builds up to a falling action like Mel Gibson’s “Braveheart” (1995) effect of massive armies attacking each other, as seen in “Return of The King” (2003).  Yet before had come similar images in Star Wars Episode II had massive battles in “Attack of the Clones” (2002) an excuse for drones to march to the death of the jedi and films like “The Mummy” (1999) that resurrected ancient armies in the Egyptian dessert. A film titled, “Kingdom of Heaven” (2005) also came along to portray the Crusades fighting over Jerusalem. More politically domestic in portrayal was  “Avatar” (2009) arrived from a point of view showing the foreign industrialization on the environment against the benefit of a native tribe by James Cameron. Not to neglect the second wave of The Deathly Hallows (2011) to cap off the Harry Potter series in the ultimate facedown.

Last week the final saga film of Marvel’s “Avengers, End Game” became the first film to reach over a billion dollars in profit in the debut of it’s release, and joined the litany of films that are known for notorious battle scenes. In June of last year, I wrote on how our Western cultures appetite for distraction seems to be insatiable.

thor_ragnarok_movie_screencaps.com_1879Chris Hemsworth as Thor.

If people did not go just for the epic battle scene, what messages could be taken away from the film? The writers were trying to say in lines like the character Frigga (Rene Russo) “Everyone fails at who they are supposed to be Thor, all that matters is succeeding in who you really are.” Followed by a line from Thor (Chris Hemsworth) himself when asked about returning home to be king in Asgard, “Maybe it’s time I stopped being who I’m supposed to be, and just be who I really am.”

While Carl Jung and Thomas Merton would interpret these writers to have meant to say instead, “What matters is not what the world thinks you are supposed to be, but, just to be who you already are, and have been, and always will be, this whole time!” Good psychology and theology is always chipping away at the shadow self, the small self, the ego, and the total inability in our Greco Roman heritage to anticipate or acknowledge loss and failure as necessary parts of our journey, while not effecting our identity. The depiction of a grieving Thor as severely human was the most impactful part of the film in it’s message that, it’s okay to let go, to cope, that “Grief is just damn grief” (Richard Rohr 2019) and that hiding how you are really feeling isn’t always shameful or embarrassing, but necessary in our descent from illusion into reality, which most certainly includes ineffable tragedy. There will always be someone who see’s fat shaming from what was meant to be a broader message about grief.

Star-Wars-Attack-of-the-Clones-mace-windu-11897693-1600-680-720x340.jpgStar Wars Epsisode II, Attack of The Clones (2002).

The decision in a post #MeToo film industry to both hand Captain America’s shield to a person of Color and for Captain Marvel to be the character that destroys Thano’s ship, and Black Widow to be a female sacrifice were in their hyper politically obvious overtones noted. Yet many of those were already present in 2002’s Star Wars.

Twitter became a mocking reaction to some deliberate ploy of LGBT inclusion in a group therapy scene with Chris Evans. I had not even noticed it, which, when the film is trying to be affirmative action savvy, reveals too much trying and not enough diversity that did not seem forced, planted, that could not just be effortlessly a part of the story. The film was okay, I was not wowed.

As is the case in many films that are mainly meant to have audiences feel gooey with lust for mere action, adventure, vengeance, and happy ever after’s with a mix of valor and virtue to the Greco Romans, the dialogue of such films is always less while the explosions increase in fleeting vain glory, when I guess I was supposed to be excited and ecstatic when all of other peoples childhood heroes were running in one line toward their sworn enemy in repackaged tribalism. That’s it? A page from Gibson’s 1995 standalone with the time warp of Interstellar (2014) makes a billion dollars in a weekend? Our art must evolve beyond little boy fantasies.

avatar_660.jpg    Avatar, Battle Scene, 2009.


Amidst the journey of The Universal Christ

Not pantheism, but panentheism, God is in every thing, and every thing is in God.” ~ Richard Rohr

To hear Rohr’s introduction to his penultimate work: Click Here

Christ is in the 150 year old Cottonwood Tree:

Center for Action and Contemplation, ALBQ, NM, March 28, 2019.

Christ is in the Stranger: 

Christ is in the Squirrel:

Christ is in the Salamander:

Christ is in the “bang” : 

Christ is in the Jew: 

Christ is in the Muslim: 

Christ is in the Atheist: 

Christ is in the Artist: 

Christ is in the Gardener: 

Christ is in the Buddhist: 

Christ is in the Queer: 

Christ is in the unknown:

Christ in the tomb, is still Christ:

ανάσταση των νεκρών (anástasi ton nekrón) – The Resurrection from the dead, is here, now, and already begun.

The resurrection is a process, not an instance. So Paul can say, “You have been risen with Christ.” (Colossians 1) You are not waiting for it, you are already in it, again metaphor. The astounding statement was that the great resurrection of the human race has already begun! The Easter message is not us saying congratulations Jesus you have been raised, it’s Jesus speaking to us saying congratulations YOU have been raised.” ~ John Dominic Crossan, The Universal Christ Conference, Session 12, Albuquerque Convention Center, March 31, 2019.~

Rohr emphasized the OVER PLAY of the cataphatic, the obsession with knowing, the ability to be ‘non’ rational as distinct from being irrational. The Apophatic, that which we do not know, is by both JDC (embrace and appreciate the unanswerable questions as mystery) and Rohr (not needing to know) is part of being what Jackie so wonderfully presented as the life long journey and quest (we are going to suffer) in “Liminal space.”

While, during the journey, in our true self we are children of God (the anointing of oil). Resurrection is transcending suffering by embracing our larger meaning, which, through this new work on the foundations of Pseudo Dionysius, St. Bonaventure, Duns Scotus, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Carl Jung, Thomas Merton, Ilia Delio, (and others) Rohr merges them to make his harmony for the case that our understanding of the intentional and providential plan in geological time of God as INCARNATE FROM THE BEGINNING was entirely lost, and that through centuries both in the protestant and catholic pursuits of theology of glory, lead the church astray.

Christ in cosmic evolution and what GOD IS NOT, that is, Socratic ignorance (learned ignorance) leads us to Kierkegaard adopted when he wrote, “to understand more and more that there is something that cannot be understood.” Richard Rohr calls this the “Second Naiveté” to knowing what we do not know, and therefore return to a life of action (the call to activism by Rev. Jacqueline J. Lewis to stop crucifying Christ, example: the plastic crisis in the ocean etc, enter your five_____) and a simplicity to the contemplative life in practicing “Just this” by: being still and knowing our God, in whom the blueprint and the bang compliment each other, points to the paradox of a Universal Christ that loves things by becoming them (The Cottonwood tree, the salamander, the rock, a dog, where two or three are gathered…, YOU) God is BOTH much bigger than we could ever possibly comprehend (beyond Cosmic) AND everywhere around us (incarnational theology) at the same time!!! This is why Richard wanted to title the book, “Another name for every other thing” which did become the name of CAC’s special edition podcast. A brilliant and timely work that reclaims the blueprint, destroys nihilism, and will challenge us to act for decades. 


The Age of Magnification, in Search of Truth



In the fifth Century, Author Richard Tarnas describes

“the new intellectual milieu The Sophists such as Protagoras, man was the measure of all things, and his own individual judgements concerning everyday human life should form the basis of his personal beliefs and conduct, not naïve conformity to traditional religion nor indulgence in far-flung abstract speculation. Truth was relative, not absolute, and differed from culture to culture, from person to person, and from situation to situation. Claims to the contrary whether religious or philosophical, could not stand up to critical argument. The ultimate value of any belief or opinion could  be judged only by it’s practical utility in serving an individual’s needs in life.” (Tarnas, Richard, The Passion of The Western Mind, pg 27, Ballantine Books, NY, 1991.) 

We see this in a modern YouTube discussion by Sam Kroner’s video on the exact topic:

In 2016, Franciscan Sister Ilia Delio, O.S.F. explored Teilhard’s philosophy of love and the import of conscious love for the direction of human evolution in a lecture for Boston University’s school of Theology and ministry. She mentions how the truth from the fifth century remains today in (paraphrase),

“Truth being relative, truth, individuals believe, is what is true for individuals, not objectively.”

She goes on to explain how the individual social structure through technology and the individual zoomed in specialties of the University system for the career preparation of the individual especially in the West is not competent to currently serve the diverse needs of creating authentic community.

Being interested in what you think, guaranteed and encouraged to express so from documents like the U.S. Constitution, is an exact mirror to the fifth Century. The individualism expanding from the Enlightenment took the Greek Sophist roots to reemerge as repackaged from the other collapses of Rome reboots, most nearest for the Declaration of Independence being the French Revolution.

The Online peanut gallery, after Steve Jobs put a computer in everyone’s hand, became a weapon against the individual. You can no longer behave in anyway deemed against progress or in what many cases is common sense outrage. Yet the accused as guilty is now a standard every day occurrence. Pseudo accountability for virtue signaling, and actual authentic accountability, are two unintended results. Actual accountability being the original power of the press. Pseudo accountability becoming grandstanding for… so many possibilities. I found Fr Mike Schmitz explanation for virtue signaling powerful in his recent rebuke to the common misunderstanding that ‘all priests’ are silent or corrupt on the recent reports of sexual abuse scandals from more baby boomer clergy at different institutions.

Truth is always about letting healing, realness, and love happen. Given permission for people to be themselves, repression may not have such dramatic manifestations to the extent seen in systemic institutional situations. Rather, the individual permission to be as God made you, a liberation, may produce a healthier environment.

Research by Joseph Chilton Pearce now shows the exact correlation between adolescence brain development and it’s relation to the heart. Scientific data shows neural, emotional, and  hormonal  connections between the heart and the brain. When given a healthy role model and environment at the peak development ages, Pearce says the steady nurture of positive role models is the most significant common sense and taken for granted goal for youth.

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The Bellhouse NYC

I have posted on the internet mob and peanut gallery in detail before. Human beings that disagree with other human beings, or for any other reasons that fit an agenda, or even often times, for no particular agenda at all other than to watch the world burn, will comb through a targeted persons opinions, writings, tweets, photographs, or any other policeable behavior, in attempts to misconstrue, accuse, or virtue signal an offense against that person. We have seen this in the rise of anonymous sources now used by professional journalists at an unprecedented level.

Controversial twelve time NYT best selling author Bill O’Reilly, himself a victim of coordinated accusations by political press outlets put it well in a recent article of his: A bad moon rising in America” where he quotes Victor Hanson:

The competition to appear tough, cruel, defiant – and morally superior – is fed by crowds of anonymous laptop and smartphone shock troops. But what has altered is that we now have no sheriff. Or rather, our town marshal – Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc – are on the mob’s side, as if the bulwark between civilization and savagery has left the porch and (joined) the mob…”

The author also correctly analyzes why there will be no host at this year’s Oscars, that nobody will take the job because of the “insane mob” pointing out the total mud that Maroon 5 received on Twitter at the Super Bowl half-time show. Basically, the reality is an all-out assault on free speech that not only goes against political opposition, but in a preconceived confirmation bias of a spectator that is only seeking information from a person to harm the reputation, career, and status of the target, often with malice and vindication.

If you catch Pete Davidson bringing a crowd to silence after a joke or statement that he feels you are judging him on, he will say, “What, you want me to lie?” While some forms of speech are interpreted as low, politically incorrect, or in Luther’s Catechism commentary on the sixth commandment: “murder by words…” Davidson does have an impressive standard of opposing dishonesty and embracing free speech.

Briefing on the Davidson saga

             To set this analysis up Pete Davidson is a cast member of Saturday Night Live as a “resident youth person,” where he brings doses of political jest in his unique form of truthiness on a SNL segment called “Weekend Update.”

Before Lorne Michaels gave him a shot, he was doing local standup comedy on Staten Island in New York City since age sixteen. Immediately entrenched in tragedy with the loss of his dad, a firefighter who died at the WTC on 9/11/2001, comedy became a source of light, healing, coping, and building of community for Davidson.

In an interview on the Howard Stern show last year, being then drooled over by elite media in the announcement of being engaged to Ariana Grande, Davidson admits being skeptical that he had the talent or gifts to be on the show. In the same interview, he told Ariana before the engagement that she could have any guy, and began scrolling on Instagram ‘hot guys’ that she could have instead of him.

The Stern interview is incredibly important. It shows how Davidson, at his heart and basis of things, realizes what Thomas Merton did, that the climbing ladder wasn’t for him, that he wanted to stay where no fake wall at the top stood. 

Yet Lorne Michael’s and Ariana Grande hoisted him up, where now, after the salivating disinterest of the media post breakup, and the mental health fragility shown in his vulnerability to be open and honest about how he feels, has set him up for a drop that can only go down. Yet the bottom isn’t new, it’s the true self, it always has been, and Davidson had a jump-start on that truth, until circles of influence flashed their teeth to sell the popular grand delusion. Who wouldn’t fall for it? It shows the POV of people like Stern, and the whole of celebrity culture who view success as climbing in money, women, and prestige.

The problem is it can only be fallen out of, a mixed world message about identity, which Davidson admits to having been already searching for, has now only been totally confused even more. Pete admits in stages over the years struggle with addictions to shrooms and marijuana, a split personality disorder and doesn’t shy away from his open sexual lifestyle in suggested queues from his condom or STD testing jokes.

His ex, the famous singer, arguably feels guilty or blame (implied by behavior seen even just yesterday) for the abrupt ending of her other ex’s life last year, Mac Miller. Speculation exists that that event was the beginning of the end for the honeymoon engagement and brought all kinds of baggage to the conscience of the singer. The online mob looked for a scapegoat opposing and hating on anything Davidson posted on social media, publicly threatening him physically, and just creating a critical mass of negativity in general.

There is a pattern of people going after him for his freedom of speech. At the roast of Justin Bieber in 2015, Davidson made a joke about Paul Walker’s death that was censored from the aired show. After having a low moment on a public Instagram post on feeling down after the breakup (still making news just yesterday) he deleted his social media after massive press coverage of the post.

Comedy has been a form for healing for him since sixteen. One can only hope that his current pain over past scars can heal through comedy too. To counter the narrative that mental illness does not have to have the last word, to derail the direction of life, or to make someone lie just because the truth makes everyone else in the room uncomfortable. The dedication of the truth and authenticity of his expression, is the restoration of free speech needed not only in America but around the world.


12 Revelations from 2018

  • Eat dessert first.
  • Spiritual friendships are of significant importance.
  • Who spends the currency of time with you reveals what relationships are authentic and reciprocal (Observe the one-sided ones, let go of them, and see who stays).
  • There is always one more thing you do not know about a person and/or a situation.
  • Meditation by reading, music, or walking is vital.
  • Faith and Science compliment each other more and more.
  • Unlearning is the only door to continuing education, and embracing mystery is the only way of wisdom.
  • Not having to be right in observing things from a non-dual point of view is true freedom.
  • The end of one crisis is the beginning of another, and/or life changes continue ahead.
  • Knowing who you are is primary to anything you ‘do’.
  • People think you do not know when they are being dishonest.
  • Animals are the best people.