Amidst the journey of The Universal Christ

Not pantheism, but panentheism, God is in every thing, and every thing is in God.” ~ Richard Rohr

To hear Rohr’s introduction to his penultimate work: Click Here

Christ is in the 150 year old Cottonwood Tree:

Center for Action and Contemplation, ALBQ, NM, March 28, 2019.

Christ is in the Stranger: 

Christ is in the Squirrel:

Christ is in the Salamander:

Christ is in the “bang” : 

Christ is in the Jew: 

Christ is in the Muslim: 

Christ is in the Atheist: 

Christ is in the Artist: 

Christ is in the Gardener: 

Christ is in the Buddhist: 

Christ is in the Queer: 

Christ is in the unknown:

Christ in the tomb, is still Christ:

ανάσταση των νεκρών (anástasi ton nekrón) – The Resurrection from the dead, is here, now, and already begun.

The resurrection is a process, not an instance. So Paul can say, “You have been risen with Christ.” (Colossians 1) You are not waiting for it, you are already in it, again metaphor. The astounding statement was that the great resurrection of the human race has already begun! The Easter message is not us saying congratulations Jesus you have been raised, it’s Jesus speaking to us saying congratulations YOU have been raised.” ~ John Dominic Crossan, The Universal Christ Conference, Session 12, Albuquerque Convention Center, March 31, 2019.~

Rohr emphasized the OVER PLAY of the cataphatic, the obsession with knowing, the ability to be ‘non’ rational as distinct from being irrational. The Apophatic, that which we do not know, is by both JDC (embrace and appreciate the unanswerable questions as mystery) and Rohr (not needing to know) is part of being what Jackie so wonderfully presented as the life long journey and quest (we are going to suffer) in “Liminal space.”

While, during the journey, in our true self we are children of God (the anointing of oil). Resurrection is transcending suffering by embracing our larger meaning, which, through this new work on the foundations of Pseudo Dionysius, St. Bonaventure, Duns Scotus, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Carl Jung, Thomas Merton, Ilia Delio, (and others) Rohr merges them to make his harmony for the case that our understanding of the intentional and providential plan in geological time of God as INCARNATE FROM THE BEGINNING was entirely lost, and that through centuries both in the protestant and catholic pursuits of theology of glory, lead the church astray.

Christ in cosmic evolution and what GOD IS NOT, that is, Socratic ignorance (learned ignorance) leads us to Kierkegaard adopted when he wrote, “to understand more and more that there is something that cannot be understood.” Richard Rohr calls this the “Second Naiveté” to knowing what we do not know, and therefore return to a life of action (the call to activism by Rev. Jacqueline J. Lewis to stop crucifying Christ, example: the plastic crisis in the ocean etc, enter your five_____) and a simplicity to the contemplative life in practicing “Just this” by: being still and knowing our God, in whom the blueprint and the bang compliment each other, points to the paradox of a Universal Christ that loves things by becoming them (The Cottonwood tree, the salamander, the rock, a dog, where two or three are gathered…, YOU) God is BOTH much bigger than we could ever possibly comprehend (beyond Cosmic) AND everywhere around us (incarnational theology) at the same time!!! This is why Richard wanted to title the book, “Another name for every other thing” which did become the name of CAC’s special edition podcast. A brilliant and timely work that reclaims the blueprint, destroys nihilism, and will challenge us to act for decades. 



The Bellhouse NYC

I have posted on the internet mob and peanut gallery in detail before. Human beings that disagree with other human beings, or for any other reasons that fit an agenda, or even often times, for no particular agenda at all other than to watch the world burn, will comb through a targeted persons opinions, writings, tweets, photographs, or any other policeable behavior, in attempts to misconstrue, accuse, or virtue signal an offense against that person. We have seen this in the rise of anonymous sources now used by professional journalists at an unprecedented level.

Controversial twelve time NYT best selling author Bill O’Reilly, himself a victim of coordinated accusations by political press outlets put it well in a recent article of his: A bad moon rising in America” where he quotes Victor Hanson:

The competition to appear tough, cruel, defiant – and morally superior – is fed by crowds of anonymous laptop and smartphone shock troops. But what has altered is that we now have no sheriff. Or rather, our town marshal – Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc – are on the mob’s side, as if the bulwark between civilization and savagery has left the porch and (joined) the mob…”

The author also correctly analyzes why there will be no host at this year’s Oscars, that nobody will take the job because of the “insane mob” pointing out the total mud that Maroon 5 received on Twitter at the Super Bowl half-time show. Basically, the reality is an all-out assault on free speech that not only goes against political opposition, but in a preconceived confirmation bias of a spectator that is only seeking information from a person to harm the reputation, career, and status of the target, often with malice and vindication.

If you catch Pete Davidson bringing a crowd to silence after a joke or statement that he feels you are judging him on, he will say, “What, you want me to lie?” While some forms of speech are interpreted as low, politically incorrect, or in Luther’s Catechism commentary on the sixth commandment: “murder by words…” Davidson does have an impressive standard of opposing dishonesty and embracing free speech.

Briefing on the Davidson saga

             To set this analysis up Pete Davidson is a cast member of Saturday Night Live as a “resident youth person,” where he brings doses of political jest in his unique form of truthiness on a SNL segment called “Weekend Update.”

Before Lorne Michaels gave him a shot, he was doing local standup comedy on Staten Island in New York City since age sixteen. Immediately entrenched in tragedy with the loss of his dad, a firefighter who died at the WTC on 9/11/2001, comedy became a source of light, healing, coping, and building of community for Davidson.

In an interview on the Howard Stern show last year, being then drooled over by elite media in the announcement of being engaged to Ariana Grande, Davidson admits being skeptical that he had the talent or gifts to be on the show. In the same interview, he told Ariana before the engagement that she could have any guy, and began scrolling on Instagram ‘hot guys’ that she could have instead of him.

The Stern interview is incredibly important. It shows how Davidson, at his heart and basis of things, realizes what Thomas Merton did, that the climbing ladder wasn’t for him, that he wanted to stay where no fake wall at the top stood. 

Yet Lorne Michael’s and Ariana Grande hoisted him up, where now, after the salivating disinterest of the media post breakup, and the mental health fragility shown in his vulnerability to be open and honest about how he feels, has set him up for a drop that can only go down. Yet the bottom isn’t new, it’s the true self, it always has been, and Davidson had a jump-start on that truth, until circles of influence flashed their teeth to sell the popular grand delusion. Who wouldn’t fall for it? It shows the POV of people like Stern, and the whole of celebrity culture who view success as climbing in money, women, and prestige.

The problem is it can only be fallen out of, a mixed world message about identity, which Davidson admits to having been already searching for, has now only been totally confused even more. Pete admits in stages over the years struggle with addictions to shrooms and marijuana, a split personality disorder and doesn’t shy away from his open sexual lifestyle in suggested queues from his condom or STD testing jokes.

His ex, the famous singer, arguably feels guilty or blame (implied by behavior seen even just yesterday) for the abrupt ending of her other ex’s life last year, Mac Miller. Speculation exists that that event was the beginning of the end for the honeymoon engagement and brought all kinds of baggage to the conscience of the singer. The online mob looked for a scapegoat opposing and hating on anything Davidson posted on social media, publicly threatening him physically, and just creating a critical mass of negativity in general.

There is a pattern of people going after him for his freedom of speech. At the roast of Justin Bieber in 2015, Davidson made a joke about Paul Walker’s death that was censored from the aired show. After having a low moment on a public Instagram post on feeling down after the breakup (still making news just yesterday) he deleted his social media after massive press coverage of the post.

Comedy has been a form for healing for him since sixteen. One can only hope that his current pain over past scars can heal through comedy too. To counter the narrative that mental illness does not have to have the last word, to derail the direction of life, or to make someone lie just because the truth makes everyone else in the room uncomfortable. The dedication of the truth and authenticity of his expression, is the restoration of free speech needed not only in America but around the world.